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Driver picks the music, passenger shuts his cakehole

This is Gospel for the Fallen ones



My own Team Free Will

Real life homies
:iconkatybot::icondarkforcewolf::icon1wolffang: :iconmichaelfay:


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>Prices by whitewolfspup<

Wolfy Pixel Doll .:Gift:. by Kolkou Wolfy Spin Jd by safirethedragon
:heart:Waiting On:heart:
-Fursuit headbase from :iconcapntoria: (maybe)

Linas Box<3

no matter what
Hi all , This is Sammie. Im here to say that this girl, right here, is the bestest a girl could hope for. Shes always been there for me through thick and thin and weve both saved each other from those death visits.
Im here to say that shes my sissu, my family. And noone will EVER hurt her, because im here and si is our family. We love tis lil girl here and we know you all will treat her with the utmost respect and love!

And heres my last paragraph<3....
Mess with her and ill bite your balls off:I

angelhugz247 :CO: by staticlyAMAZNG


Yin and Yang by whitewolfspup
Yin and Yang
Cat characters I made for me and sammy :3
They are both blind and mute
And can speak to eachother through the mind :3
so kay got me a plushie... by whitewolfspup
so kay got me a plushie...
Needless to say me and my friends decided it would be wolfy and brixii's pup XD
His name is Sparticus (doctor who reference anyone?) And he is full of energy and is very loving and loves cuddles :3
and jared was watching me draw this so I threw in some uncle Nyx and sparticus drawings XD
I want to say beforehand thank you for all the happy birthday's/llamas/gifts :3

My past year has been a crazy Rollercoaster

From a heart break that changed my life to receiving something special and real that opened my eyes
From a trip to Georgia that changed my views of the world and helped me stop hating
To a week trip with Kay to Panama City Beach, Florida
To a depressed crashed and burned me to a lighter and happier new me

My passion to follow my dreams is stronger now, I feel as if they are at my grasp and that I only just need to grab a hold and go for the ride....I feel like more than ever...that I will eventually get the peace I wanted and will achieve true happiness

Since what happened in August my life turned around completely and so fast I'm still processing it....

I want to fight for animal rights
I opened myself up to who I really am and  is proud to be genderfluid and pansexual
I'm doing so many things now to help with my school life and to help with my artistic career
I have a art focus now (illustration and animation)
I want more than anything to go to college
I have more friends, I have a pack of 12 amazing people who are very dear and close to me <3
I'm all caught up in supernatural and starting Doctor Who (wow achievement XD)

There's just so many things about me that has changed....I'm alot happier than I used to be overall.. <3

Today I have my last three exams (English Honors 3, U.S. History, and Chemistry) and after all of that, me and my family and blake are going out for me and mom's birthday dinner and chilling with blake until he has to go home <3
Friday I'm having a hangout/sleepover with the whole pack basically, sort of a after exam party/birthday XD

so far the future plans is a upcoming military ball in February that I hope to be going to with Blake ; w;
First dance with a XD
And that's about it really
Going to be spending the next few days painting and working on a tail pretty much,so not many sketches will be posted

I love you all so very much
If im not active, Happy Holidays everyone and bless you all everyone <3

-wolfy out
Brixii traditional reference by whitewolfspup
Brixii traditional reference
He wanted a winter coat so I said WHY DA HELL NOT MAKE A TEMP. REF ALL TOGETHER
His markings turn pink in the winter because of camouflage and donut (red vs blue)
HES SUCH A CUTIE definitely one of my favorite oc's I've ever designed tbh besides wolfy and etc.


THis Is HalLOwEEn

About Me

Savannah or Ren || 16 |Bisexual Furry Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes||| Gender Fluid ||♥ Single

Likes ♥: To draw, sing, vanilla coke, code red mountain dew, strawberry fanta, chinese food, Fall out boy, Panic! at the disco, supernatural, walking dead, kit kats, cherry twizzlers, anime, manga, pokemon, kingdom hearts, legend of zelda, iron man, starbucks, attack on titan, wolfs children, clannad, black butler, wolves, OITNB, SAO, SUPERNATURAL,nintendo, disney, did I mention supernatural, I FUCKING LOVE TEA

Dislikes x: Trolls, idiots,spiders,drama, hypocrites, fakers, cheaters, stereotypes, sexists, animal abusers, bullyin

fandoms♥:supernatural, legend of zelda, how to train your dragon, walking dead, pokemon, furry, artists, d-grayman , warrior cats, marvel, disney, nintendo, black butler, hetalia, anime,batman, rock music, classic cars and trucks, kingdom hearts, gamers, tomboy, hunger games, attack on titan, OITNB, The Strain,SAO, space dandy




Abbi's Box

The Sissubutt/Spoils Master's Box

Shadow Pixel Doll .:Gift:. by Kolkou
Hi everyone, I'm :iconangelhugz247:. This chica is amazing. I'd go to great distances to make her smile, even if it's just for a minute. I spoil her rotten because she deserve it. After all the crap she's been through that could have happened to me, she deserves to be happy. I love her to death and I always will because that's what sisters do.
If anyone breaks her heart, I will break their face(s). I kick butt and take names.
Savvy is a real sweetheart and she deserves the absolute best in life. She's one of the only people in my life that never fails to make me smile. In fact, whenever my anxiety is really bad, she's one of the first people to cross my mind when I try to calm down. I'd work myself to death if I had to to make her smile because she's worth the effort and loss of sleep.
Savvy, you're beautiful and talented. You don't need a man to make you happy because you're strong and independent. I support you in whatever you choose to do and whoever you choose to love. As long as you're happy, I approve. But always remember, I'm a big sister with a shotgun who will always be there for you in your time of weakness, pain, regret, etc. My door is always open to you. Also, whenever you get Steam, I'm going to put you under family sharing because I trust you and you are family to me, sissubutt. I love you with all my heart, little sister. :heart:

Art by angelhugz247


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